Loud Shades

Motorized shades are such an engineering marvel. I am always amazed when I see them, I stop and take notice. I love how they can really add so much to the space, allowing the space to be used comfortably in some many different situations. The one thing that ALWAYS turns me off when I see motorized shades installed in a room is…. how obnoxiously loud they are! I mean it’s ridiculous the amount of noise they make. I walked in to a model home a few months ago and it had a screened in deck… you could hear the shades going from the front door, some 50 feet away. And there wasn’t a door or window open in the house.

So many people are amazed at my love of Lutron’s Shading products. We let me tell you you! When Lutron got into the shad business, they didn’t go out and buy the same motor that every other shade company uses. They decided to build and develop their own motor. Well if you know anything about Lutron, you know what comes next… A shade motor that is silent. When a Lutron shade is operating, all you hear if anything is possibly the slight sound of fabric rubbing on fabric as the shade rolls up. Now that let’s us spec’ Lutron Shades for any project, in any application. Because when we install Lutron Shading products, we KNOW that they will become a seamless part of any decor.

Not like the shade in this video I shot in a Law Classroom in a downtown suburban city this summer. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUuImyN8k-k Watch this video and hear what I mean about the volume of these shades. When these shades get operated, everything stops! Otherwise the professor would go hoarse, shouting to be heard over the shades!

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