Lighting Control

You’ve probably never thought about lighting control? You probably don’t have even have a dimmer in your house? If you do, let me guess, is it in the dinning room?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Only 5% of homes in North America have any form of lighting control and of that 5%, most of those homes only have one dimmer in, you guessed it, the dining room!

Why should you care about Lighting Control? Lighting Control is the only energy saving device that makes your life better. Why only settle for two settings, ON or OFF. Can you imagine if nothing was controllable! Your oven with only an ON/OFF switch, that’s a lot of burnt pot roast! Your thermostat just ON or OFF, 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter. What about your shower, imagine that on a cold morning! What if your TV only had one channel? It would be like going back in time!

Why should you care about Lighting Control? Lighting Control makes your life more convenient. Imagine being able to control your lights from the couch, the kitchen counter, the desk, the bedside, the wall, the car, or even from anywhere in the world. Lighting control offers you five benefits:  Convenience, Elegance, Aesthetics, Security & Safety, Energy Savings – C.E.A.S.E. using light switches forever!

Why should you care about Lighting Control? Lighting Control is energy efficient. Every time you dim your lights, you are saving energy. Think of all the energy you could be saving by dimming your lights 50% – You’d be saving 40% energy, with 10x extended lamp life you would be buying less light bulbs thus not having light bulbs going into landfills. Lighting control is the most energy efficient system you could put in your home.

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