SCN – 5 Ways Integrators Can Improve their HOW Business

Another Article by Matt D. Scott

Our President, Matt D. Scott recently wrote an article for Systems Contractor News focusing on the House of Worship market. He outlines some of the details that seem to be missed and shares his 5 key points to help other professionals improve their business! Read the entire article here!

“The House Of Worship (HOW) market has existed for centuries for a variety of different industries. Carpenters and masons have worked extensively in this market ever since there have been buildings, providing the intricate woodcarvings and perfect stone archways that grace cathedrals all over the world. 

Throughout the history of the church, there has always been a dedication to precision. When compared to this dexterity, our involvement in the church market as AV integrators seems far less significant. After all, AV is a very recent addition to this type of facility. In most churches anything beyond a pulpit microphone and a pair of speakers has really only happened in the last 40 years.”

Read the rest of the article here!

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