Yesterday was EARTH DAY! Everyone was talking about Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. It was great, everyone was focused on saving energy, saving the planet, etc.But what about today… nobodies talking about anything relating to saving energy. It’s back to the standard mumbojumbo about current events, news worthy items, and the like. So let’s change the conversation. Let’s find ways to work on this every day. We here at OAV work hard to focus on the three R’s.

We are all about REDUCING:

– We reduce energy usage though our Lutron lighting control system, that allow you to save energy just by putting them in!
– We reduce energy usage for our customers through proper power management and other solutions.

We are all about RE-USING:

– We work with community partners to re-use products that we remove from projects.
– We re-purpose materials and equipment wherever possible!

We are all about RECYCLING:

– We recycle all electronics with proper companies to ensure it doesn’t get sent to landfills
– We recycle all building materials with local companies to re-use whatever can be re-used.
– We recycle all packaging where available to ensure that we are limiting what is sent to landfills.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you save energy in your home or business, just connect with us!

Let us help you SAVE ENERGY

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