Whole Home Audio/Video

A leading trend in home technologies, Whole Home technologies can allow you to fully integrate your technology into your life. Some of the most poplar whole home technologies are Whole Home Distributed Audio, Whole Home Distributed Video, Whole Home CCTV Security (Closed Circuit Television), Whole Home Networking, Whole Home Lighting Control (See Lighting Control for more information), and many other technologies. Not only are all these system possible, but they can all be integrated together to give you a truly connect home.


Whole Home Audio:


Imagine your entire home being filled with the peaceful sounds of smooth jazz, setting a serene mood rivaling your favorite spa. Imagine having your dinner parties being the talk of the town, as your guests dance and party the night away to the latest hits in the kitchen, the living room, and  the backyard patio. All this is possible, and more. We can design the perfect system to fit your lifestyle, your taste, and of course your budget. We offer standard systems that allow 4 zones / 4 sources and up to 32 zones / 32 sources. Contact us today, we’ll create a customized system for you.


Whole Home Video:

Imagine having all of your TVs throughout your house be able to access any video source or any video file at any time. With our expertise, we can help guide you through all the solutions available to you to help you find the right solution for you. With whole home video distribution systems, you will never have to see components strewn throughout the house, as they can all be remotely located to a central location in your home. You will then be able to access all your media from any screen in the house.

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