Scotch Tape!

Every day I come across a new reason for people need lighting control. Today I was in a customers home and ran across this in a hallway.

Scotch Tape

Scotch Tape

This is not a good example of proper lighting control. What this does demonstrate is a NEED of proper lighting control. The best part about this was the discussion I had with the home owner upon discovery. Here’s a little tidbit:

ME: What is this? (slight chuckle)

Home Owner: It’s the switches for our outdoor landscape lights out front.

ME: What’s with the tape?

Home Owner: We always forget what switch turns on what lights!

ME: We should look at extending your system to add your landscape lights.

Home Owner: Oh, we don’t need to do that. This is fine!

ME: Ohhh, I’m sure your wife loves the scotch tape and sharpie touch!

This is not what good lighting control looks like, but we see this kind of thing everywhere in many of the homes we are in. We were in the middle of installing some lighting control in the living room of this client. Once everything was in and installed, they loved it! And, they are now talking about moving ahead with some lighting control in the rest of the house. It’s amazing what people will live with until they realize there are options out there to make their life easier!

What are you living with in your house???


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