Flush Family Room

Family Room Entertainment System

Project Story:

During a kitchen renovation, these homeowners knew it was the perfect time to upgrade their family room and while they were at it… why not add a hidden flat panel into the new custom kitchen! It wasn’t hard to see that an upgrade was in order in the family room and we made short work of tearing out the old equipment and prepping the cabinets for some new gear.

By installing a flush mount recessed flat panel, along with a whole slew of great new electronics, these homeowners are now able to relax and enjoy their entertainment system. In addition to being able to enjoy the new family room entertainment system, they can also enjoy their entertainment in their new kitchen as well. With a 32″ LED mounted behind sliding cabinet doors, they can be entertained when they want, and hide everything when it suits them!

Products Used:

  • Definitive Technology Speakers
  • Panasonic Television
  • Samsung Televisions
  • Bell HD Satellite
  • Denon Amplifiers
  • Panasonic BluRay
  • Peerless Mounts
  • Episode Amplifiers
  • URC Remote Controls
  • Wii Gaming Consoles
  • Apple TVs
  • Panamax Power Conditioners

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