Custom Media Rooms

OAV-TheatreSystem-3-1These days everybody has, or wants, a big screen. That’s where we come in. Whether you already have a full system that just needs calibration or just want to get that new flat screen mounted on your wall, we can help.

Let us show you how you can have enjoy all your entertainment, properly installed, configured, and calibrated, and to top it off – You can control it with one remote. Oh yeah, we said it – One Remote! Not only that, imagine enjoying that great flat screen mounted on your wall, with all your components located out of sight. On top of that, we can provide you with glorious surround sound from beautiful cabinet speakers, or you can have the sleek appearance of in-wall / in-ceiling speakers that practical disappear into your walls and ceiling. Just contact us and we will show you how many design options you have.

Call us today, we can help you achieve your home theatre dreams and more!

  • Custom Dedicated Theatre Rooms

  • Custom Media Rooms

  • Wall Mounted Flat Screens

  • Full-Motion Flat Screens

  • In-Wall Surround Sound Audio Systems

  • Configuring and  Calibrating Flat Screens, Projectors, and Components

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