Why We Rack!

Racked Gear

Racked gear

We’re awesome, that’s why we rock! I mean, that’s why we rack! There we go… whew, that was close. Back to the subject at hand.

So you’re looking at a Whole Home A/V system. The biggest thing we encounter when we are meeting with clients regarding such a project, is they want to know why we are so persistent in our desire to centralize and rack all their gear! Most often they have no idea what we mean when we say that we want to rack their gear. Well this desire within us to want to rack your gear comes from our experience in the Pro A/V market. In the pro world we rack everything. Why, you might ask. Well, let me tell you.

We rack gear because when we rack gear we acheive a couple of things that are very important to us and as we hope you’ll discover, they’ll become very important to you too. When you rack your gear, first of all, we can get everything organized. When the majority of our gear is all in one place we can work faster and have everything neat and tidy. Think of it like a kitchen, if everything that you use in the kitchen was all over the main floor – how effective would it be. Maybe you eat dinner in your family room some times, does that mean you should store some plates on your coffee table’s shelf. No, we’re gonna store them in a kitchen cabinet in the kitchen. Same principle applies. Just because you have a Flat Panel in the kitchen, in the great room, in the master bed and bath room, kids rooms (I could go on). Doesn’t mean that you need to have all the gear for each room cluttering up the precious floor space of those rooms. Let alone messing

with your home’s beautiful design. Let put all that gear in a rack in a closet somewhere. We can still deliver you the exact same experience, if not better, without needing all this stuff in your rooms.

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