Triple Surround Project

Whole Home Entertainment System

Project Story:

With the realization that their basic renovation had turned int to a complete top to bottom renovation, the homeowners decided it was time to expand their vision from a basic family room system to a completely wired home that includes three separate surround sound systems. With that framework laid, we began to design and install a complete wired backbone that allowed the homeowners the clean installation that they desired. As work progressed, all the cabling was routed to a central location in the basement.

Once the renovation was complete, the real fun began! We began installing the family room entertainment system with an additional music zone in the homeowners reading room! A complete 5.1 surround sound system into the Master Bedroom was then installed to complete the main floor! The project wrapped up with the completion of the homeowners media room in the basement that consisted of a 7.1 surround sound system using all in-wall speakers and a in-wall subwoofer. All the equipment was then installed into the hidden rack system to complete the whole home entertainment system! 

Products Used:

  • Niles Speakers
  • Niles Subwoofers
  • Polk Subwoofers
  • Samsung Televisions, Blu-Ray Players
  • Sony Televisions
  • Denon Amplifiers
  • URC Automation
  • Lutron Lighting
  • Niles Components
  • Peerless Mounts
  • Panamax Power Conditioners
  • Apple iPod
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